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Review: The Man in the Picture: A Ghost Story

The Man in the Picture - Susan Hill

Bolstered by Hill's ingenuity when it comes to ghost stories, as well as her tastes for the classical, the story just seems to be missing something for me. Of course it is not, as other reviewers have pointed out, in The Woman in Black's league, though it tries, and in my eyes, mostly fails to meet its pacing and first person narration. In this case, the narration keeps switching, is sometimes a remembered first person narration as being told to a completely different character by someone else... Something that's generally hard to pull off and while Hill makes it work, it's not ideal. The story itself is a nice, creepy tale, but lacks the overall feel of dread that The Woman in Black exudes. And Oliver is so stupid by the end of the story, I found myself, frankly, not caring. Bring the Countess Hawdon back!