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She-Hulk vol 2: Disorderly Conduct by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido

She-Hulk Volume 2: Disorderly Conduct - Charles Soule, Javier Pulido

Instant favorite. It's such a shame this run didn't last longer than it did, because I enjoyed absolutely every moment of it. It's almost mind-boggling to see Jen go through life as a professional, to see her humor and her friendships, most prominently with Patsy Walker aka Hellcat, without so much as a male regular in the series, let alone a love interest. Just putting that out there. I was pleased.


Oh, but Matt puts in another appearance, and Soule proved to me that he absolutely "got" the character, and his and Jen's interactions are priceless. Along with, mild spoilers, good ole Steve Rogers, who Matt and Jen find themselves on opposing sides of a civil suit against.


The conclusion of the blue file story was... okay, but the Cap story actually felt like the main event, and that was sort of anti-climactic afterwards, but it was well handled.


Quality stuff, and proof that superheroics and, ya know, punching stuff, doesn't have to be the main focus of a superhero comic to make it fun and interesting. Loved it!