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She-Hulk vol. 1: Law & Disorder by Charles Soule

She-Hulk Vol. 1: Law and Disorder - Ron Wimberley, Charles Soule, Javier Pulido

Confession time: I haven't read much Shulk before. Like... any, at all. I know from friends that her comic tends to vary greatly in quality and while everyone agrees that you should start with John Byrne, me and him... we have a complicated relationship. But I've been a fan of Soule's since I started reading the new Marvel Star Wars titles, and was searching his name in the library catalog and found this. I grabbed it.


And it is fantastic. Just the right touch of absurd humor and fun. Jen is starting up her new practice after realizing that she was only hired by the law firm she was at because they were hoping she'd bring in a new and exciting line of clientele, i.e. the superhero crowd. With the help of paralegal Angie Huang (who I absolutely adore!) and, hey, look, it's Patsy Walker, she emancipates Doctor Doom's son and investigates a law suit that she's involved in that makes the others named in the suit turn suicidal when it's even mentioned. The latter is a bit darker than the first and the change in artist reflects the shift in tone. Both artists do a fantastic job.


Done with a fun, light tone, I love this, from cover to cover.