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Banewreaker - Jacqueline Carey

For the longest time, I meant to update that, if you are going to directly criticize Tolkien for his use (or lack thereof) of women in his books, you have to do better. And while I think Carey still isn't up to the level with any of her characters as an Eowyn or, certainly, a Galadriel, I do slightly take it back now, because Lilias became a lot more interesting when she gained a semblance of self-reflection. ( And I'm told that Cerelinde gets insane character development in the next book, which the character that she is an analog for, Arwen, never does.)


It still bothers me that Lilias is a combination of Saruman and Galadriel and got her power from a male dragon. Also, Carey has a fully anti-Elf--excuse me Ellylon--agenda, which I have issues about all on their own, and will make my eventual review.