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July's been a tough month

And now I'm running to catch up on reviews, both reading and writing!


The Fourth was... the Fourth; I live in the South now, so you never know if it's fireworks or someone shooting off guns. We stay inside either way. But it was a couple of days later that marked one year since my brother passed away very prematurely from cancer. It's been tough; our little family was reduced to just my sister and me. Needless to say, the spirit to read sort of fled.


Though I have been reading through a ton of graphic novels and trade paperbacks. I feel fairly confident in naming this THE SUMMER OF DAREDEVIL.


Hopefully, I'm getting back in the swing of things. We've gotten immensely good news lately, in that Scholastic just purchased my sister's second novel (w00t! Publishing date currently set for Spring or Fall of 2019!) with the option to purchase another. We're beyond thrilled obviously!


So, I'm going through a rough patch mentally, which mental illness will do, but there are great things on the horizon. Thank God, frankly, LOL!