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Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

So, going into this, I actually thought it was high fantasy and not post-apocalyptic with medieval-y overtones. It is, right now, essentially The Hunger Games shoved into Graceling, or vice versa. And I don't know if it's the disappointment of wanting to read some new YA high fantasy and getting this instead, or just crappy world building, but I'm not really loving it. And if it doesn't do something really new and exciting soon, it's going on my 'not to be finished' shelf.


Okay, so the Silvers have silver blood and super powers, and they act like fourteenth century English gentry. The Reds are normal, they're peasants and they have red blood. Which makes me wonder what the color of either of their blood is when it's not oxygenated, because human blood is blue. And it's not like they wouldn't know, because it's not a post-apocalyptic world that's reverted entirely to the middle ages, which would have still been interesting to me. No, they have concrete and "vid screens," medicine and obvious industry. And this is where my main problem comes in: they have industry, but no use of the Reds for menial labor? Who poured the concrete, who does any of the normal labor? Apparently not the reds, who are sent to the front as soon as they turn eighteen if they're not apprenticed at seemingly impractical professions like fishing and fine sewing.


I do not except it, do you understand me, YA?! I do not except bad world building anymore! I'm taking a stand and calling you on your bullcrap! Don't just write it because it seems cool to you. Convince me of it! I don't want to be asking myself these questions while reading!


Also, please, if you could stop with the first person-present tense, that'd be awesome, too, thanks!