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Creatures of the Night book tag meme from Tumblr

What are your favorite books about the following supernatural creatures and why?


  • Vampire: Who doesn't love Interview with the Vampire? That one's a give, isn't it? But it's difficult, because so many supernatural books feature vampires, even if they're not the main attraction; they always tend to be the sort of alpha creature among the paranormal spookies. 'Salem's Lot by Stephen King, because it was written in his so-called golden age--well, it's the second book he ever published!--and with complimented by his talent for characters you really care about, a rarity in horror, as well as a deep sense of dread and actual horror, not just gore, again--unusual in the genre. It's why he's the master. Also really like the Vampire Academy books, I'm learning. They're rich in lore, and smart for a YA series, as well as being so wonderfully female-centric!
  • Werewolf: The Last Werewolf/The Bloodlines Trilogy by Glen Duncan. Not a lot of really great werewolf books out there, certainly not ones that I've found. So I was overjoyed to get my hands on these, and just as happy and relieved to see that they were as steeped in gore and sex as a werewolf book ought to be. I'd like to read Heart-Beast by Tanith Lee; I read one werewolf clunker from her, Lycanthia, and want to wash that taste away.
  • Zombie: This seems like it'd be an easy one for me, but... I've read quite a bit of zombie fiction and haven't loved a lot of it. Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion comes to mind immediately for doing something I'd never seen done before, and for truly making a romance angle work; zombies often represent the decay of society, but I've never seen it reflect so keenly on the mundane nature of everyday life. Also the Generation Dead series by Daniel Waters, especially the third book, Passing Strange, for their emotional mix of societal issues facing teenagers, and strong and likable characters. I gave up on the Walking Dead series around issue 100, but it should always be mentioned, IMO, as well as the work of Max Brooks and Jonathan Mayberry. Also, kind of a weird one, but the Star Wars-themed Deathtroopers by Joe Schreiber; it satisfied both my love of zombies and of Star Wars!
  • Ghost: The Haunting of Hill House. It was one of the most staggeringly influential books for me, with one of the most relatable characters. Chilling, as good ghost stories should be, because of the psychology of it, as well as the paranormal, with such strong and emotional ideas behind it. Perfect. The Shining by Stephen King, and, again, it's for the personal story being told, as much as if not more so than the ghosts, though the atmosphere is delightfully increasingly claustrophobic and desperate.
  • Witch/Wizard: Nope, mm mm! I'm not just going to say Harry Potter and be done with it. Instead, how about Breath of Magic by Teresa Medeiros, which has one of the wildest, most creative plots I've ever seen in a book, not just of the romance genre. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern has such a sense of magic to it, and whimsy, while The Witching Hour by Anne Rice might be in serious need of an editor, but it's got fantastic atmosphere (her best New Orleans book, for the Southern Gothic aspect of it, in my opinion) and a punch at the end.
  • Fairy: The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris. I debated where to put these, but since fairy was always going to be a smaller category, I put them here. A wonderful sense of humor and the absurd, always enjoyable, and just great as romantic fantasy. Also, if it counts, Enchanted by Alethea Kontis.
  • Angels/Demons: The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, though I've only read the first half of the series, or the first trilogy. City of Glass was one of the most fantastic uses of an angel I've ever seen, and his exchange with Valentine basically went: "And what would you like for Christmas, little boy?" "Racial purity." "... No. You realize we don't do that shit, right? We're HEAVEN!" Also the Hellblazer comic series, pre-boot.
  • Alien: I don't read a lot of books where aliens come into play at all. The Host by Stephenie Meyer. It's one of my favorite books, and probably the only one I absolutely love with aliens in it? A good mix of romance, and truly "out there" with the science-fiction/science-fantasy elements, which I enjoy (gotta have a big imagination to please me!) Also, hate to bring Stephen King back into this, but Under the Dome. He's in three categories now! Cheeky bugger! Ooh, The Human by Matt Haig is irreverent and touching and quirky! And I realize I'm picking Earth-bound alien stories, but it'd get too complicated picking through the sci-fi books I love!
  • Superpowered Human: Firestarter and Carrie by Stephen King. Blah blah blah, strength of character and emotion, blah blah blah, wealth of atmosphere and horror. Sympathetic protagonists put in difficult situations. The Great and Secret Show and Cabal by Clive Barker, because he is awesome.
  • Necromancer: This was added by the poster I got the tag from, and I decided to keep it because I have an answer: Guilty Pleasures by Laurel K. Hamilton. No matter how quickly the Anita Blake novels went so badly, I still love this book so much, for its humor and wealth of sex and creative world building. Anita is extremely likable and funny, badass in a very normal way (this early), and I just fell in love instantly. Also suppose that The Hobbit could count but I'm avoiding fantasy as stridently as I am pure sci-fi, for the same reasons, LOL!


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