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City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare

Simon was marginally a nuisance in the first one, but in this one he really starts to come off as just the worst kind of guilt tripping, friendzone butthurt douche rocket. CLARY DOES NOT OWE YOU A RELATIONSHIP JUST BECAUSE YOU'VE BEEN IN LOVE WITH HER SINCE YOU WERE KIDS. Clary doesn't owe you anything, and guilt tripping her is unattractive and obnoxious.


And then, where I left off last night, when Clary's considering how love makes liars out of everyone, she's comparing her situation with Jace and Simon to Alec/Magnus/Jace, but here's why it should make her understand that Simon needs to step on off: She herself observes that Magnus is restraining himself from blurting out the truth in front of Jace and rubbing his face in it, because it's what Alec wants, and because he loves him, he does what makes Alex comfortable, even if it hurts a little. Compare that to Simon, who has a shit fit every time Clary looks at Jace, who throws the fact that they may be brother and sister at her endlessly, and who expects her to just get over it and love him like she should, in his entitled opinion.


He's not doing anything for Clary's sake. Selfish, selfish love.