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The Silkworm - Robert Galbraith

And, finally, MUUUURDER! And much more gruesome than I was expecting, and then I felt silly for that, because of course she was highlighting how obscene Quine's books were for a reason.


My prediction: Liz Tassel is the murderer. Have no idea why, but my mama didn't raise her no fool, and she specifically told me that if someone is acting drunk or sick, they have something to hide. Also? They keep stressing who could have read the manuscript so early on, and, duh! The obvious answer, the person we know read it right away!


Cormoran seems a bit slow catching onto Pippa. Convinced that's gonna be something, and that she's the girl shoving dog poo in Leonora's mail slot. I don't blame Robin, because she hasn't really read the manuscript, but come on, Cormy!