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Jean, 39, lover of sci-fi, horror and fantasy, reader of comic books, conqueror of genre fiction.

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My dad. I read my first book to him (the aptly named Hop on Pop). Together with my mother, instilled in me a passion for reading, even though I was a slow starter. Read Barks' Donald Duck and Segar's Popeye comics and strips to me every night; he did the voices and everything. We moved on to Nancy Drew when I was a little older.


He was an aspiring author; loved art and picture books; called me Pippi Longstockings. Worked as a copy editor first at Newsweek and then at Ladies' Home Journal. His favorite bathroom reading was the complete diaries of Samuel Pepys; he kept a set on the back of the toilet. A kind, funny, accomplished man.


I miss you, Dad.