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Review: A Fine and Private Place

A Fine and Private Place - Peter S. Beagle

There are no happy endings, because nothing ever ends. That (admittedly paraphrased) quote pretty much encapsulates the book, which is sometimes sweetly cynical, and always bittersweetly romantic. Prose that is poetic, with its beautiful and sometimes stark similes and metaphors, without being florid or cloying, and it shocked me how modern it could sound, in its ideas and its love for the city in which it takes place (there were a few tell-tale signs, like talk of the El and the fact that penicillin was new within twenty years of the book's publication!) It seemed almost as if it could be a play, with its idea-heavy dialog and stark characters and setting. Lovely. A book, a fantasy, that hits you right at your core, but in a gentle way that lingers, forgive me for this, like a ghost long after you're done with it.