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Out of The Easy - Ruta Sepetys

So far, I've got mixed feelings about this book. It's nice to see a YA that goes into different territory, as well as a mystery that, while set in the decadent New Orleans of the past, doesn't descend into the supernatural. But the main character is a bit too precocious for my tastes; she claims to not trust men but only has male friends. I was glad when one normal female character was introduced. She looks down her nose at the prostitutes; they're more like a strange species to her, which... if that was the plot, it'd be fine. As it is, it comes off as a bit sniffy. She has no sympathy, or empathy. I also have some problems with the handling of race... Or rather, the avoidance thereof. She thinks the North East is so wondrous because there's no segregation? I grew up in the North East, and there was no need for segregation, because there's so little intermingling. New Orleans has such a complicated history of racism and progressiveness, and the only black character represented (so far) is a sidekick stereotype that doesn't make me cringe, exactly, but doesn't make me think that the author shines with enlightenment either.