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Review: Cocain Blues (Phryne Fisher Mysteries #1)

Cocaine Blues - Kerry Greenwood

"To Phryne Fisher," declares a character at the end of the novel. "May she continue to be an example to us all!" Hear, hear! Conceived as a crime-solving female James Bond, Phryne is a free-wheeling flapper in 1920s Melbourne who takes on what she considers to be a small mystery as a sort of lark, and soon finds herself going toe-to-toe with the so-called King of Snow, responsible for all of the city's cocaine trade. The book is written, and the story stays in character, with regard to the time period, with modern flourishes that make it more fun instead oif intruding. I like the characters were introduced to as regulars, Dr. MacMillan, Bert and Cec, and especially Dot. A great start to a series, though it loses one star for the sort of fixation she takes on "sapphism," and how, while it's not her cup of tea (she assures us time and again), she seems to percieve it in almost every woman around her, to a point where it begins to feel offensive.. But other than that small annoyance, a very strong and very fun book.