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A Tale of Sand HC (Archaia Entertainment)

Jim Henson's Tale of Sand - Jim Henson, Jerry Juhl, Ramón Pérez, Chris Robinson, Stephen Christy

Harking back to Jim Henson's early day as an avant-garde, experimental filmmaker, Tale of Sand contains a lot of interesting and, yes, I'll say it, whimsical ideas. Set in the desert, containing little-to-no dialogue and depending on a series of random and bizarre incidents, it almost has a Henson-meets-Hunter-S.-Thompson vibe to it, definitely indicative to the time he was writing it. My biggest problem was the art: while it was well-designed and pleasing to look at, the lack of dialogue often meant relying on the artist to show me action, and I felt confused a lot of the time as I tried to follow, even with helpful arrows added to the panels. Well worth a look for Henson fans.