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Star Wars The Black Fleet Crisis #1: Before The Storm

Star Wars The Black Fleet Crisis #1: Before The Storm - I love this novel! The characterization is deep and richly textured and Princess Leia in particular shines, which impressed me a great deal because I feel quite often her character suffers the most in the novels for lack of understanding of her personality. I also liked the fact that there is hardly a chapter of this book that doesn't contain at least one of the main characters. A lot of times, authors are so infatuated with their own creations, they'll dedicate chapter upon chapter to them. Not so with Kube-McDowell, who realizes I'm reading the novel to learn more about the characters I know and love (Luke, Leia, Lando, even Ackbar). It's well writing, interesting and talky(which I like. The movies aren't all action sequences, you know). Possibly my favorite SW book of all time!