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Review: The Serpent's Shadow (Kane Chronicles)

The Serpent's Shadow - Rick Riordan

I never took to the Kane Chronicles the way I have Percy Jackson and the Olympians or the Heroes of Olympus series, and I can't quite say why. I like Sadie and Carter, perhaps better than any of the leading characters in the Greek/Roman mythology based novels, I was fascinated with Egyptian culture and mythology when I was young, and I like the shifting view point, something that Heroes of Olympus then borrowed. But, for me, these books just never came together the way I had hoped they would. The stories were scattered all over the place and the other two felt like a chore to finish. This one went quickly, it was a fast read, and it was much more streamlined story-wise than the previous two, but that left me with mixed feelings as well because, though I liked the new found focus, it also seemed less eventful, despite the fact that it's the grand climax to the trilogy. Things wrap up nicely, it's a story well told and I enjoyed it immensely, just not as much as I wanted to.