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The Witcher vol. 2: Fox Children by Paul Tobin

The Witcher: Volume 2 - Fox Children - Paul Tobin, Joe Querio

A small and minimally adventure-filled story (apparently based on an episode in one of the as-yet untranslated Witcher novels, but taking all its cues from the video games) feels unambitious, but is fun to read. I've seen others complain it's too padded out, and I sort of feel the opposite, that it could have benefited from focusing some of the empty panels of "atmosphere" to either character development (I was often mixing up all the secondary characters, and no one but Janessa stood out, and her BIG SECRET REVEAL didn't mean anything when I didn't know much about her.) or genuinely trying to build suspense. 


The art, as per most post-Hellboy Dark Horse comics, seems to be mimicking Mingola, and doing it poorly, with neither his flare nor the video games' GORGEOUS atmosphere and locations.


A good way to spend an hour or so of the afternoon, but not much more. Enjoyable, but ultimately forgettable.