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Star Wars vol. 4: Last Flight of the Harbinger by Jason Aaron

Star Wars Vol. 4: Last Flight of the Harbinger (Star Wars (Marvel)) - Jason Aaron

What the heck happened? Have they run out of ideas? That doesn't seem possible, considering they have the entire Star Wars universe to play with. The tone shifts are absolutely inconsistent, and Han and Leia racing through a stolen Star Destroyer to determine who gets to be captain is one of the stupidest and most juvenile things I've seen either of those characters suffer, and Luke continues to go down the rabbit hole of GEE GOLLY GOSH characterization that makes me want to hurl.


And I would make a joke about The whole... Marvel with "complex" fascists thing, but it's been a problem in Star Wars for a long time now; I just went off on a rant about it with the Battlefront 2 trailer. No, making someone a TRUE BELIEVER of the totalitarian fascist dictatorship does not make it deep or interesting, it doesn't illuminate "another side." And it gives weight to the lie, in this comic, that all such governments sell themselves on, and that's that they'll help "the people." Also, dude stormtrooper wields a lightsaber because not only is he a SUPER FASCIST WITH THE POWER OF FANATICAL BELIEF! He's also obviously a huge Gary Stu.


Bluh. Nothing to see here. Move along.