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Daredevil vol. 11: The Golden Age by Bendis & Maleev

Daredevil, Vol. 11: Golden Age - Alex Maleev, Brian Michael Bendis

Did I just give a Bendis/Maleev Daredevil three and a half stars? Yes, yes I did. Because it's a short arc and padded with a lot about Alexander Bont, the kingpin of Hell's Kitchen before Wilson Fisk (and, in this run, Matt as well.) Using an experimental format of showing Bont's rise to power in black and white, and Daredevil's past with him (and Melvin Potter aka Gladiator) being presented in sort-of vintage dot-color, it recaps their history with one another and... it's underwhelming.


Really, this was only ever going to be of interest to a die-hard DD fan, and even I felt my attention waning. In the present, Bont, using Potter, captures Matt and has Melvin beat the ever loving crap out of him, and then decides to expose him. There isn't much here. Matt's in peril, and then he's... not, saved partially by bureaucracy and Agent Del Toro, who's also found herself the new inheritor of the White Tiger amulet's power (Tamora Pierce wrote an exceptional run of comics about Del Toro as the character, but that was pretty much the extent of her time as White Tiger before Marvel gave the mantel over to her niece Ava Ayala.)


The end! It's well done, but not particularly interesting.


My library is missing the next volume, so I'm attempting to ILL it, which is taking forever, and I might just end up reading the last volume of the Bendis/Maleev run before I get my hands on it. Sighs.