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Daredevil vol. 10: The Widow by Bendis & Maleev

Daredevil, Vol. 10: The Widow - Alex Maleev, Brian Michael Bendis

So, Milla files for annulment, on account of Matt's mental problems being the

false pretenses' under which he married her, and Matt torments himself, torn between his reverence for the sanctity of marriage and love for Milla, and respecting her enough to give her what she wanted. Meanwhile, Natasha Romanova aka The Black Widow is on the run from her own agency and decides to hide in plain sight. With Matt.


Published as a 40th anniversary special for Daredevil, it works because it doesn't necessarily have that big sort of celebration feel to it; it's very much still in tune with the tone of Bendis' run on the comic, somber, dark and semi-realistic but stylish artwork, and that oftentimes rapid-fire banter between the characters. There's plenty of action, with DD and Widow running around, having adventures, and it does have a great sense of fun.


And herein I realized my biggest problem with the way Milla was being written: she's held in too much reverence to banter with Matt the way Foggy and Nat are, she's too serious, and her scenes far too weepy and tense, and it's seemingly made her lose all of her personality. It wasn't that way in the beginning, but she's suffering from the curse of the good girl, being held as an example of what men should aspire to instead of being any sort of fully realized and complex character.


Spoiler: Matt grants her the annulment because he does really love her, and she's shocked and presumably realizing that they're still in love, even after telling him that she could live without him. I know it's that, If you love someone, set them free aesthetic, but it seems particularly shallow here.


The collection ends with a series of vignettes by different artists (all written by Bendis) of how other characters in the Marvel universe reacted to Matt's being outted, as well as a few "missing scenes." They're well done, but nothing necessarily to write home about. They add texture, and they're well-written; they weren't a chore to read, but they ultimately added very little.