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Daredevil vol. 6: Lowlife by Bendis & Maleev

Daredevil, Vol. 6: Lowlife - Alex Maleev, Brian Michael Bendis

So, if everything up until this point in Bendis/Maleev's run were set-up, this is where it starts to pay off. We're introduced immediately to Milla, a blind woman who works for the city, and will be Matt's new love interest. He pushes her out of the way of a speeding truck (sound familiar? Comics sure do love to echo incidents in superheroes' lives) and instantly I loved the way it handled both of them, Matt's realization that she's blind, when she begins to touch his face, and the way he switches tack immediately and explains to her everything that happened.


The Owl is back in town and, as Foggy puts it, someone's finally realized that what Matt is doing is as illegal as what they're doing, as he has a team of lawyers and attempts to catch Matt on tape, being all incriminating, as Matt struggles with a defamation lawsuit against the paper that exposed his identity. This sets the tone, and makes this something that covers areas that are not traditionally explored in superhero comics.


Matt is Matt, smart, sharp, and in costume a little ball of rage, though as both his personas, he tends to make decisions with his heart, and this happens more and more in Bendis' run; it's part of what makes this unique in the character's history. His interaction with Foggy is always on point, and his confrontation with Luke is so well done.