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Review: Princess Leia by Mark Waid and Terry Dodson

Star Wars: Princess Leia - Terry Dodson, Mark Waid

Okay, so the rating looks low for me, and it is. But it's not a bad comic. I put reading this off for so long, after getting a free copy of the first issue and being underwhelmed. It turned out better than I expected, with a semi-eventful five issue run, but the thing I just can't get over is how out-of-character Leia seems. I don't know if anyone watched the first movie and thought, 'She seems so cold she's not even mourning her planet! Whadda bitch, amirite?!' Apparently, the writer did however. And that was the first thing that put me off.


Listen, I hold media involving Leia up to higher standard. Leia meant so much to me, and generations of girls after my own generation. And everyone has their own idea of her. I'm not saying that Han or Luke have been particularly well written in the new canon either, but Leia... whew. I can rack up the crimes against the writers of the comics here, and thinking over that, this comic doesn't seem so bad. But Leia seems too stiff, too regal. If we're supposed to identify with Evaan's disdain... I can only say, WHHAAAA?


So, it's a good comic, with a very two-dimensional Leia, that adds a little to movie continuity.