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The Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux, Manuela Hoelterhoff, Anne Perry


Oh, Christine Daae, it sucks to be you. Like, seriously, every man in her life is a complete douche-canoe. People don't like Raoul in the musical because he's a wet blanket? Oh, book!Christine should be so lucky! He treats her like garbage, essentially calls her a whore, with the excuse that he's "inexperienced" in love. So why doesn't she run off with Erik, one might ask? Well, other than the fact that I've actually never dug this whole romanticism of the Phantom, in the books, he's childish and emotionally blackmailing. At one point, Christine keeps saying that it was as if she were given a "cordial" when he took her underground, and this led me to be certain that he's drugging her also so she's more pliant. The general public hates her because she's daring to be "above herself" by being in love with Raoul, her brother's fighting them, the Opera's in Carlotta's favor... 


And the book doesn't even bother itself with her point of view.


Sucks to be you.