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Review: The Vision: Little Worse than a Man by Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta

Vision Vol. 1: Little Worse Than A Man (Vision (2015-)) - Mike Del Mundo, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Tom King


Absolutely outstanding. A beautiful and gut-wrenching piece of work, dealing with themes of prejudice and perceived normalcy, a family drama at its heart. Consistently gorgeous artwork makes this one of the most solid books I've ever read. I was also impressed with how quickly each character makes their personality known, how well and subtly developed each member of the family is (and Viv was my favorite, I was so touched by her story.) And I loved how the writer infuses the story with reminders  of the every day prejudices in our culture and our art, using Shylock's speech from Merchant of Venice, as well the concept of how we are sometimes forced to move forward and progress, like with the kids' high school mascot change.


Grim, so happy you recommended this one! So happy I read it!:D