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Letters To The Damned - Austin Crawley

My Overdrive app compressed the text down to 81 pages, so I'm reading very, very text crowded pages, and that's something of an obstacle. It's making some of the longer descriptions sort of feel like they take forever. (I still think the entire driving chapter could have been edited down. I get that it's supposed to show how far out and out of the way he's going, but it seemed like LOTS of exposition.)


I'm curious to see how witchcraft/paganism plays into this, with the green and the May Day celebration. And I like that Cris is sort of an outsider in his own world, and then he's been transplanted to this alien planet (as he himself muses.)


The last thing I read was the bull, and while I'm aware if I tried to describe it to someone else, they'd sort of say, So what? LOL! But in the context of the story, and with Sarah's warning, it was hair-raising.