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Review: Skeleton Man by Joseph Bruchac

Skeleton Man - Joseph Bruchac


More genuinely terrifying than most adult horror than I read, the first fifty pages of the book almost had me grinding my teeth down to stumps. Extremely evocative of the fears we hold as children, with a dash of cannibalism in there, for fun. Molly is a fantastic heroine, whose dry sense of humor had me snorting out loud at times.


I'm fifty/fifty on the ending; part of me adores that "uncle's" motivations are left vague, and are up to the reader to interpret, and it does make it scarier than being fed a line about his exact reasons. On the other hand, his set-up was so sophisticated you have to kind of wonder. I'll just have to pick up the second one, though I've been warned by my sister (who recommended this to me) that it's a little bit of a disappointment after the horror of the first.


A fantastic read, and proof that simplicity isn't simple.