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Review: Coffin Hill vol. 1: Forest of the Night

Coffin Hill Vol. 1: Forest of the Night - Caitlin Kittredge, Inaki Miranda


Horror comics are rare. Good horror comics are an even rarer find. With lurid illustration and coloring, and a contemporary Gothic sensibility, Coffin Hill fulfilled this for me. I read the first volume in one sitting, about two hours, turning each page with a salacious excitement to see what happened next.


The story isn't the most original. Aside from 'girl returns to small town home to confront ancient evil awoken in childhood,' there's also a very strong Witches of Mayfair vibe here, with the Witch of the Woods revealed to be a Lasher-like spirit. But Kittredge puts a stamp on it with engaging, frankly fucked up characters.


If I had one complaint, it's that the pacing goes way too fast sometimes. Nate doesn't believe, doesn't want to face what he knew in his youth, and literally a panel away, he changes his mind, saying he can't run from it forever. And then he and Eve go home and have sex out of nowhere. He's also a bit quick to immediately accept back into his life the girlfriend he had when he was fifteen, after ten years of her being comatose. Maybe it's just Nate I have the problem with...


A fun read, practically dripping gore and secrets under autumn leaves. Can't wait to get my hands on the next volume!