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Review: Sixth Grave from the Edge by Darynda Jones

Sixth Grave on the Edge  - Darynda Jones


And my first bingo square! I read this one by candlelight, which only emphasized the sexier bits, as it is supernatural, but not particularly scary, heh.


So, not the strongest entry in the series (I have a working theory that the Charley Davidson novels are the antithesis of the Star Trek movies, in that it's the even numbered ones that are kind of meh.) Though sharply written, and, as always, chuckle-inducing, with some hard-hitting emotional moments, the story was never focused, and seemed more like a bunch of vignettes that either appeared and had nothing more to do in the novel, or really went nowhere. The original premise held so much promise: The investigation into Reyes' birth parents. But it was dropped almost immediately, and brought up, I think, twice more, with no resolution. More than feeling like 5.5, it felt like the set-up for the series as a whole (which, as if this year, is up to ten installments.)


But the series' trademark humor is here in spades (Charley's snark, as other reviews call it, but I like it because it's more than bitchiness; Charley is silly, deeply humane, a complicated mess of a human being-nee-supernatural being-soon to be supernatural being again) and her relationship with Reyes is beautifully coming into its own. It makes me reflect on how far they've come from the first book, how the relationship, much to my great surprise, and pretty unprecedentedly for a series like this, was allowed to develop and grow. They only really got together in the last book.


So, the story, such as it was, was all over the place. More people withheld information from Charley about herself, and being a Grim Reaper in general, as usual. Her father's up to something fishy, as usual. She investigated, she talked to ghosts, some things happened, but mostly it was circumstantial. The end packed a wallop, though, even if it was one I'd started to suspect a book or so ago.


Look forward to continuing the series in the future.


And my updated bingo card: