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Review: Star Wars: Vader Down

Star Wars: Vader Down (Star Wars (Marvel)) - Jason Aaron, Mike Deodato Jr.

Now this is how you do humor with Star Wars. Though, admittedly, the story lacked a whole lot of tension, considering it could only end one way (we knew that Vader wouldn't capture Luke, and that Leia wouldn't succeed in killing Vader, unless they were really willing to go very far off script) its execution more than makes up for it, making it an extremely enjoyable read. Was it worthy of the huge crossover event they made out of it? Not... really, if I'm being honest. It was a lot of back-and-forthing, without a lot of action, but the humor and characterization sparkled.


Leia, on the other hand, continues to be ridiculously hard to pin down for the writers of the new expanded universe. I unfortunately read Rebel Jail first, so even Aphra's fate was spoiled for me, but having read that, I couldn't help but be shocked at the contrast between Leia in that, who refuses to stoop to the Empire's tactics by even defending herself against murderers and rapists, to Leia in Vader Down who was willing to sacrifice Luke, and ultimately her entire group of besties, to take Vader down. If this was explained as revenge, something irrational, against Vader, I'd sort of understand it, but there was no subtext there. That bumped it down a star, honestly.


But still hugely enjoyable, and to my surprise, it's the Vader-centric comics I seem to be enjoying the most from the brand.