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Review: Star Wars vol. 3: Rebel Jail

Star Wars Vol. 3: Rebel Jail (Star Wars (2015-)) - Kieron Gillen, Jason Aaron, Angel Unzueta, Mike Mayhew, Leinil Yu, Terry Dodson

Aaaaand, just as I was praising the excellent job Marvel was doing with these titles, comes the worst I've read so far. This volume is a bit of a cheat in the first place: it includes the first annual, which is understandably considering how it eventually plays into the main story but also kind of meh) and issue that focuses on Obi-Wan's diary entries (which was actually my favorite part of the whole thing) and only three issue with the actual main storyline. Which was just terribly done.


Luke and Han are played exclusively for laughs as they bumble around, Luke acting like a seven year old, Han acting like a lobotomized version of his goofy characterization in Return of the Jedi. Meanwhile, Leia, Sana and their captive Dr. Aphra have a GIRL POWER moment when they have to defend rapist, murderers and thieves from a rogue rebel who decides that assassinating them all is a great idea!


Leia's ideology is question, and the fact that absolutely no one else stands up for her makes her seem insane for her insistence, and/or wrong, which I really don't agree with. I'm not loving her characterization in the new EU continuity (continEUity? Ehhh?) in either novels or comics; there's something about it that feels off, and there's always someone down on her. They also can't decide how much power she actually has, because here it seems as if she's running the entire Rebellion singhandedly, and in the novel Moving Target, which takes place later timeline-wise, Mon Mothma has to explain to her why she's just the public face of the movement. So confusion.


The worst part of it was when they let Aphra go. Because GIRL POWER! Because sisters are doing it for themselves, I guess. There's a mention that they put trackers on her, but both Leia and Sana have little hope that they're gonna actually do anything, so they literally just let a murdering psychopath go because, hey! Why not! She helped, sort of! She earned it! Not at all.


Still going to keep reading. But I truly hope this was the exception and not the new rule.