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Review: Star Trek vol. 1 & 2

Star Trek: Ongoing, Vol. 1 - Mike Johnson, Steve Molnar, Tim Bradstreet Star Trek: Ongoing, Vol. 2 - Joe Phillips, Mike Johnson, Joe Corroney

Volume 1 is two very simple stories, straightforward but well told, little showcases for the characters. I'm sure the comic will build, but for now, this was a light and quick read I really enjoyed!


And volume 2, while still simple, straightforward stories, the complexity of both the storytelling and the character development starts to ramp up here. I'm not sure I ever needed a direct sequel to the first AOS movie, but it's well done enough, and gives us bald Spock, so I'm not complaining. Very enjoyable.


Definitely a combined score of four stars, and I can't wait to see how it develops because I can see the potential here. Also, maybe an extra half a star for Janice Rand being present, because she's one of my favorite characters from TOS.