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Status Update - Dealing with the heartbreak of loss

So, in my last update, some time ago, I mentioned my brother was ill. He had, at the time, stage 4 lymphoma. He has, since then, passed away, only a month after his 48th birthday. Which is, understandably, the reason for my absence.Look at these two nerds in happier times!



Then we lost our dog two months later, and now it's the twelfth anniversary of our parents' deaths (I live with my sister.) To say we're tired of loss is the very least of it, LOL!


BUT! I love book blogging so very much, and, even more so, I love coming here and reading everyone's reviews! And I'm hoping to regain some normalcy soon, start to post more regularly. I have a few reviews, and a lot more in my head just waiting to be written down! :)