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Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Alan Dean Foster

— feeling star
The Force Awakens (Star Wars) - Alan Dean Foster

Novelisations used to be my bread and butter. As a kid, I adored them, they'd always be the first thing I'd look for when I liked a movie. I think most of my indifference to this book is me having grown out of that. And some of it is the fact that Foster, who has a long history with Star Wars, has a style of prose that is frankly overwrought and occasionally a bit purple-y.


The best thing about novelisations is getting a look at the deleted stuff, dialogue, scenes, and the like. And, boy, does this book make me appreciate that, no matter of hectic the production was, what a tight and cohesive movie they managed to make. Because, frankly, the unedited dialogue is filled with unnecessary exposition, and awkward and stilted character development along with bad jokes with no benefit from the charm and the talent of the actors.


There wasn't really anything interesting that was deleted. A scene of Poe escaping the crash and how he got to a spacecraft to escape the planet, which is wholly unnecessary, though fun to read. A bit of resolution to Unkar Plutt's character. Rey and Poe introducing themselves to each other. Other things simple read as incorrect, and I assume must be the actors' input, like Han touching Ben's face before he falls.


So, an enjoyable read. I think I've just outgrown the idea of the novelisation.