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Review: Star Wars: Shattered Empire

— feeling excited
Star Wars: Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Shattered Empire - Marco Chechetto, Greg Rucka

So, not for the first time in my 38 year-long life, I've become Star Wars trash. A fantastic comfort in what has been a hectic and difficult start to the year. Of the seven books I've read sof ar this year, five of them have been Star Wars books. I'm not even mad about it.


This was a good, pleasant little story, short, and not to heavy on actual plot, but introducing into canon two interesting characters (more heavily on the development of Shara Bey, but Kes Dameron as well--Poe's parents) who interact with each of the original trio over the course of three fairly shirt issues. So short that they stick Princess Leia #1 and the original Marvel Star Wars #1 in the back, both of which were... meh (I read the latter when I was a kid, and the former...unpopular opinion, but I didn't love it. Probably won't be seeking out that series any time soon.)


I can see why this was probably a disappointment leading up to The Force Awakens, when people wanted concrete tie-ines, but reading it in the aftermath was fun. A short and enjoyable read.