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Superman/Wonder Woman Vol. 2: War And Peace (The New 52) - Charles Soule, Ed Benes, Tony S. Daniel

How have I not DNF'd this yet? I've been reading it since October, and it's occasionally like pulling pins through my eyelids. It's execrable. The characters have no chemistry, they're poorly written, extremely OOC, the plot was... okay? I can't really tell since a ton of the action of the first story (the Doomsday-Superman hybrid storyline... yeah) took place in other comics (please, DC, stahp with the crossovers! I want to buy a comic and actually read the entire story!) And it's saying a lot that I hadn't even noticed that chunks of it were missing until about halfway through. The conclusion to that story isn't included.


And then it moves on, and Clark... gives Diana a tentacle rape monster as a romantic gesture? Well, it's not confirmed it's a rape monster but, I see tentacles in a comic and think hentai. And, look! It's on the rampage because Diana forgot to feed it vegetable oil! It's intent on guzzling the world's petrol supply! Um... the writers realize those are two very different types of oil... right?


I will finish this, I will! I'm determined. And a bit masochistic.