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Career of Evil - Robert Galbraith

I... don't know if I'm feeling this? The fact that the crime is rather nebulous (the disembodied leg sent to Robin at the beginning) is novel, compared to the first two in the series, which screamed MURDER immediately, but it also lacks the tension of having a definite crime. It's why she imperiled Robin, and that is something I'm not crazy about. Also, if you're going to do a story about psychotic misogyny, you really have to have the focus be on the women, not on the perpetrators, or it comes off as a little too fascinated with the violence itself. And I think the story of Robin's rape is there to make a survivor relatable, WHICH WAS A GOOD IDEA IN THEORY, but there's a feeling of... 'isn't she so much stronger and smarter than other women?' Ehhh. Still enjoyable. Just wish Rowling wouldn't have touched the subject if she wasn't going to do it well.


Also,putting this out there right now: Strike's half-brother. I guessed wildly at the identity of the killer in The Silkworm this early on and I was right! So, this is my guess for this book.