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Trinity War, the crossover that lead to another crossover!

— feeling dead
Justice League: Trinity War - Jeff Lemire, Geoff Johns, Various

Reading this whole thing, I have to be honest, was sort of like pulling teeth. The trade is roughly twice the size as a normal one, and includes all the pertinent issues of the comics it crossed over into (two from the JLA trade that I just read--there had to be a better way to put these trades together? As it is, they're messes!) And, as long as the JL and the JLA are featured prominently, it's somewhat entertaining but there's too much other stuff, most notably the Pandora solo title, which was stultifyingly dull and shockingly necessary to the overall plot even if nothing seems to happen in her issues. The characters are so horrendously out of character from comic-to-comic, and there's little to no explanation for changes they wanted to make and did make (Deadman's switching sides to suddenly be with Batman as he and the Mysterious Stranger go over to the Other Side is sort of brushes off as, yeah, I got bored and now I'm here.)


And the real kick in the pants? The climax is really the introduction to a new event, Forever Evil! So fuck everything I guess. I considered giving this three stars. I had to stop myself an evaluate why I feel the need to be overly kind about everything.