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Review: The Defenders by Matt Fraction vols. 1&2

Defenders by Matt Fraction, Vol. 1 - Matt Fraction, Terry Dodson Defenders by Matt Fraction, Vol. 2 - Mirco Pierfederici, Jamie McKelvie, Matt Fraction, Terry Dodson
— feeling cool

It isn't a team you'd choose, if told to pick one from the stable of Marvel characters, and that's partly what makes it so interesting. Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer, Red She-Hulk, Namor and Iron Fist (with guest appearances with the likes of Black Panther, Nick Fury, Black Cat and Ant-Man), each impeccably well-written with humor. A sense of the absurd permeates Fraction's entire run on the comic.


The most negative thing I could find other reviewers saying about the comic was that it's one of fraction's lesser titles, and if that's the worst of it, you're doing well. Lesser Fraction is still highly enjoyable. I think if I'd known the history, the story he was using (from the year I was born, nevertheless, in the earliest issues of Black Panther) from Marvel's vaults, I would have been slightly more excited, and maybe understood what the heck was going on just a little better, but it's a testament to the writing that that didn't really hinder my enjoyment.


The art was sort of on-and-off. A lot of people like Terry Dodson. I don't. I think his characters look samey and mostly unattractive. I was happy when they swapped him out, even if the styles of the other authors ran the spectrum from strangely realistic to super tripped-out. I liked it better.


Worthy of the read, definitely!