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Review: Grayson vol. 1: Agents of Spyral by Tim Seeley

— feeling cool
Grayson, Vol. 1: Agents of Spyral - Mikel Janin, Tim Seeley

Enjoyable, if one can get past the 60's spy vibe, and do it quickly, because as meta as the story tries to be, with sly references to Fleming and the like, it dives right into the camp. The basic premise, that Dick is alive and in hiding, doing Bruce's good work, as always, salvages Nightwing's ignoble fate in Forever Evil and spins it into something fairly interesting, with limited exposition, which actually suited me because, somewhere along the way, the comic became too dense and the action felt a bit... turgid, despite the fact there wasn't an abundance of character development.


Dick is Dick, so to speak: he doesn't want to use a gun, gives their targets chances to talk it through, and secretly reports in with Bruce as he attempts to get close to and uncover the Spyral organization's inner circle. And does it badly. Because he's an awful spy, or the reasons stated above. I liked the writing for him, it had me chuckling, and, yes, there's gratuitous Dick nudity. Wait.... (Apparently, I'm still twelve years old, and find his name hilarious.)


Helena was one of my favorite characters, pre-New 52, and here she... certainly exists! Without much of a personality. Or backstory. The comic expects you to have enough knowledge of the Bertinelli Huntress to be interested. It was still a bit of a strain for me.


So I won't be rushing to read a second volume, but I did like this one. Better than okay, but not exactly a must read either.