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The Last Unicorn - Peter S. Beagle, Peter S. Beagle

#bookbuddyathon! So, yeah, I'm a little late, because I got sick at the beginning of the week, but now I'm pumping away again, as it were!


The metaphoric language of this novel is so ingrained in me, because I was so fascinated by the movie as a kid, that I've felt like I've read a lot of the scenes already. Haven't seen the movie in probably more than thirty years, but I still have vivid recollection as I'm reading. And I read a fair amount last night (this book is short and reads so quickly; it's well paced, but so much can happen in 60 pages!) and I started with a shocking memory of perhaps the most lascivious thing I'd seen for a long time, into my adult life, and that's a tree falling in love with Schmendrick. In the movie, it nearly suffocates him by lustily pressing him into its tree bosoms. My friends and I used to giggle through the whole thing.


And I ended on Schmendrick's magic to save the unicorn from the Red Bull, which is naturally one of the most memorable things in the entire novel!


Also, since I've read other Beagle novels, I'm really struck with how much of an outsider Schmendrick feels, and how much that can be attributed to the author's Jewishness and his writing about such. Well, and he named the character Schmendrick! Which is very descriptive, LOL!