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The Mane Event - Shelly Laurenston

So, here I thought that I was pretty much burning out on THE SUMMER OF ROMANCE, and was ready to get back to a lot of my regularly scheduled TBR (I have classic pre-YA YA Z for Zachariah waiting on my shelf, as well as ARCs of Richelle Mead's new one, and a Mercedes Lackey YA) but the romance novels are so easy to download digitally from the library, and with my brother now in a health crisis, and hanging out a lot at doctor's offices and in the hospital (also why I haven't been around in a bit), it's just easier to take my iPad everywhere.


That said, I'm glad that I found a new series, because sticking to one can give one extra fast burn out, and this particular book is funny as hell. Maybe it's just the Noo Yawker in me, but I love New York humor. Cute as hell so far, if a little overly long.