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Review: ElfQuest: The Grand Quest vol. 1

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Elfquest: The Grand Quest - Volume One - Wendy Pini;Richard Pini

In my mind-teens, I went through a fantasy revelation. I devoured it all, starting, of course, with Tolkien, and expanding to McCaffrey, Zimmer Bradley and, obviously, Wendy Pini. ElfQuest was hard to come by back then, in the early 90's, but I did manage to to grab a few volumes of it, which have now been lost to two many traumatic moves.


Last weekend, my sister and I watched a documentary called She Makes Comics, in which Pini was featured prominently, and I remembered. So I put the first two volumes on hold at the library, and began reading. I've seen these editions get lower marks then they'd otherwise do because DC reformatted them into manga-style novels, without color. I think this worked remarkably well, actually, and while I missed the color, and probably missed quite a bit of detail from the artwork being shrunk down, it was an enjoyable experience.


The writing is fun, and Pini manages to elevate it beyond the typical fantasy fare of the time, and the artwork is gorgeous. It's a bit shallow, because it's the beginning of a huge story arc, but as it picks up, the characters start to show development, personality. Hugely enjoyable, highly recommended.