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Review: Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Yes Please - Amy Poehler

I don't usually read biographies cover to cover. I did this one. Dripping with bright colors and images, and packed Poehler's manic, sharp sense of humor, it practically begged me to.


Amy Poehler is small, blonde, oftentimes frantic, always hilarious, driven, kind, thoughtful, ambitious, self-aware, among many other things. I am some of these things, and wish I were more. She is one of my heroes, and this book perfectly illustrated why. She is many times all of those things at once, which makes the format of the book tangential sometimes (all the time) but entertaining (I typically prefer chronological biographies, but whatever, who cares? This was amazing!)


The book got a little dry around the middle for me. I preferred the manic energy of her story telling and the bits about her early career, though enlightening and gently witty, have more the feel of listening to someone softly reminisce when the both of you are drunk and too tired to do anything else but look at the past. It dragged. And then picked up again. I realize this is mostly personal preference. I'm over it.


Over all, and insightful and fun read by an interesting, funny and very introspective lady.