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Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

Things are happening. I'm not certain why it's not interesting or intriguing me. There's no adventure, there's... a sort of political intrigue? And we find out that Mare is the specialist of special snowflakes. But it lacks cohesion, or tension. It might have to do with the fact that Mare dislikes everything. She hates her life at the beginning; she hates having to steal, and that her family challenges her on it. She hates the Silvers, she hates watching their spectacle. She doesn't hate Cal, the mysterious young man she meets while pick pocketing at a local inn, but she doesn't really seem interested either? Maybe it's a little too self-conscious of insta-love and don't even realize there sound be attraction when The Obligatory Love Interest is introduced. But she (and me as well!) hates the situation she finds Cal in, and as a reader, I have to say, it feels so hopeless I just shrug and give up.


And Mare hates the situation she finds herself in. So much so that she's nasty to those who would be sympathetic to her. And among all this hate, it's difficult for me to actually care. A jaded narrator makes the reader feel quite jaded as well.