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Review: Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Fantasy Lover - Sherrilyn Kenyon

As much as I adore the world, the mythology and characters, that Kenyon has created, it was nice to go back and read the very first novel, a sort standalone novel focused mainly on the relationship with romance at its heart, and more than enough eroticism to keep me happy. I loved both Grace and Julian (and, boy! Do I ever wish I had Night Pleasures so I could go back and read the part with Julian and Kyrian!) With a light touch and a huge amount of wit and unashamed silliness, as well as some genuinely touching moments and character traits and insecurities that make very fantastical situations feel very real and heartfelt, the book was a super-fast read for me, and an extremely pleasurable one. Just can't get enough of this series!


One small complaint: I wish Aphrodite hadn't had to save them TWICE at the end. The first time... okay. But the second time, I felt like maybe she ought to just have gone, "Fuck it!" and fixed everything, if she was already going out on a limb and changing everything, including life and death, and time travel. Small, small nitpick, though for an extremely likable book.