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Dance with the Devil - Sherrilyn Kenyon

I started this book in audiobook, because it was the only one at the library that had holds on it, and I wasn't sure when I'd get it. And they had the audiobook available for download. But I don't do well with them: one things distracts me and i miss, like, ten minutes of what's been said. So I'm glad I got my hands on the paperback more quickly than I'd anticipated.


Still! The narrator (Fred Berman) did a really good job at creating unique voices for each character, even if they seemed a bit... campy at times? especially the high-pitched female voices. Honestly wasn't looking forward to being read the sexy parts like that, frankly.


The book is excellent, though! Zarek! I wasn't sold on the idea of a novel about him, and I was so, so wrong. Loving it.