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Review: Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Night Pleasures - Sherrilyn Kenyon

An awful lot of fun, with a snappy sort of wit that doesn't mind tipping over into the silly, and two extremely likable characters with some sparkling chemistry. I picked this one up to get myself out of my reading slump, and it certainly worked, providing me with a quick, smooth drink of entertainment, like a milkshake: goes down nice and easy, maybe feels a bit guilty afterwards, but you're not sorry you had it.


I loved Amanda, and, for me, a romance is only as potent as my ability to identify with or simply like the heroine (well, and being attracted to the male lead is important, as well, but so few people seem to actually care about female characters unless they're ripping them apart. For me, they don't have to be earth-shattering, just enjoyable to read about; there's a large spectrum of female personalities I enjoy!) I liked the idea of the fish-out-of-water storyline, with Amanda being remarkable because she keeps her cool under pressure and the insane situations she finds herself in. I didn't even mind when they gave her SUPER-PSYCHIC POWERS! Because, why not? Ordinary women can find something extraordinary about themselves.


The romance was wonderfully done, and the sex pretty damn smokin'. In particular, I love the methods Amanda, at her naughtiest, employs to try to help Kyrian overcome the memories of his past. Now that's a woman with an imagination after my own heart.


All that said, there are story problems that I couldn't, in the end, overlook. The fantastic setup, of Amanda being mistaken for her twin sister, is completely undermined by the denouement at the end, and a lot of that ends up feeling very sloppy, like Cliff's involvement. It's like she threw things in as she thought of them, and it ends up completely messy and, even for a book about ancient Greek vampires fighting one another, it becomes unbelievable, if just for the fact that it's mishandled, rushed, giving it a little bit of a 'and the kitchen sink!' sort of feel (but not in a good way.)


Also, blond Greeks! Blond Greeks as far as the eye could see! Says the blonde Greek. Hey, I'm not unself-aware! And I'm not saying it's impossible, just fairly implausible. And I know that Julian is Aphrodite's son Kyrian, etc. etc. But Theone, too? Sighs.


In the end, I got what I wanted from this book, and a little more, and that's all I could ask for! A fun, fun read.