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Review: Doctor Who - Forever Autumn by Mark Morris

Doctor Who: Forever Autumn - Mark Morris

A fun, quick, and quirky, read for Halloween, one of the best, in my opinion, of the new series novels (and the best offering Mark Morris has contributed to the brand period), I read this one every year. Blending the atmosphere of movies like John Carpenter's The Fog with the whimsy of Monster Squad and, well, Doctor Who, the product is something you might see as an original Disney Channel movie--with a great deal more menace. Martha and the Doctor are spot-on, and their interactions often make me giggle; it's quite a feat that the author actually manages to get that perpetual feeling of movement from Ten without too much superfluous description, and Martha is handled better than she was in a lot of the episodes she appeared in. And while the characters are basically stereotypes (the tween heroes, the old wise woman who's rumored to be a witch, the clueless parents!), they also come off as likable; you want to see the Doctor help them, and get to the bottom of it all. With enough scares to send even the most stout-hearted kid scurrying to the back of the sofa, it's a must read for any Whovian who also adores American Halloween as much as I do!